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Stream Restoration in the Arid Southwest

Natural Channel Design, Inc. (NCD) is an engineering consulting firm providing services in natural resource planning and river engineering. NCD specializes in training, research, assessment, and design of natural resource planning efforts. The firm conducts research on stream systems and provides leadership in the assessment and restoration design of natural stream channels. Effective stream workshops are offered regularly with emphasis on inventory, assessment and design of natural stream channels.  NCD has extensive experience in geomorphology, hydrology, hydraulics, drainage, erosion control, irrigation, wetland delineation, stream bank stabilization, and enhancement of natural stream channels and has applied that expertise to design and permitting of projects for federal and state agencies, tribal entities, municipalities, and private owners. The geomorphic or natural channel approach is based on 40 years of empirical work by Luna Leopold and others and includes the stream classification and assessment techniques developed by David Rosgen. The approach seeks to assess and restore stream channels by moving them toward their potential stable form. Bioengineering practices utilizing native plant and structural materials are extensively incorporated in restoration design.

Specific Expertise

Preparation of complete engineering drawings and construction specifications including detailed design reports.

Design analysis including hydrologic and hydraulic studies, geomorphology, riparian surveys and biological evaluations.

Preparation of permit documents for Army Corps 404 and 401 of the Clean Water Act or other necessary permits.

Stream enhancement and/or restoration for riparian, aquatic, stability, and water quality objectives.

Delineating wetlands and developing restoration plans.

Streambank protection and stability.

Research into stream morphology and related aquatic, riparian resources.

Assessments of stream stability and productivity

Drainage assessments and designs

Engineering design of water diversions, low water road crossings, and other transportation infrastructure relating to stream channels.

Design services for conservation practices such as ponds, pipelines, water control structures, irrigation systems, waste systems, flood control and erosion control.

Natural Channel Design has written and been awarded state and federal grants for numerous projects. Grants ranged from several thousand dollars to $400,000.

Professional Engineering licenses in Alaska, Arizona, California, and Utah.



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